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A Method of Continual Prayer

“Pray constantly.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17.)

After visiting monasteries in the East, St. John Cassian (ca. 360–433), founded two monasteries in the West at Marseilles—one for men and another for women. His foundations were cenobia, community schools that formed candidates for a disciplined Christian life. To instruct his monks and nuns, Cassian wrote two significant books. […]

Raising Kids for God—“Don Bosco Style”

Although a priest and never married, St. John Bosco (1815–1888) was a naturally gifted parent. For nearly a half-century of ministry in Turin, Italy, Don Bosco was a wonderful dad to hundreds of homeless boys. (“Don” is the Italian term of address for a priest). Today family-life professionals still regard him as an exemplar […]