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The Angry Christian: A Bible-based Strategy to Care for and Discipline a Valuable Emotion

(Paraclete Press, 2018)

This book shows how Christians can be good and be angry at the same time. That’s possible if we let the Holy Spirit strengthen us to get angry for the right reasons and to keep anger under control.

If we are seeking a secret that will simply eliminate anger, we’re pursuing a vain hope. Anger will surely be with us until we die. It may even go with us to heaven, where the Lord may allow us to share his anger at the evils that afflict his creation. But we can learn to increase good anger and to minimize the bad. That’s the Christian approach summed up by Paul when he admonished the Ephesians to “Be angry, but do not sin” (Eph 4:26). If used constructively, anger can even help us live a more Christian life.

This is not a psychology or self-help book. It presents a Bible-based strategy for caring for and disciplining a valuable emotion. It describes a method that helps us use anger successfully to overcome the obstacles strewn across the path of our Christian journey. The book contains questions for discussion, personal reflection and application which make it ideal for either individual or group use.

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“Bert has provided a much-needed resource that helps us understand how to channel those intense feelings of anger into making the world a better place.”

— Jennifer Fulwiler


Think Right, Live Well: Daily Reflections with Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

(Our Sunday Visitor, 2017)

Think Right, Live Well introduces readers to the spirit and thought of Fulton Sheen, the greatest Catholic media evangelist of the 20th-Century. In the 1950s, 30 million viewers watched Sheen’s weekly TV program, “Life Is Worth Living.” There and in 60 books the archbishop offered wisdom for living the Christian life effectively. He taught that if you held the truth in your mind you would choose to do the right thing.

Every day readers of Think Right, Live Well will have a chance to reflect on a brief word of wisdom from Archbishop Sheen’s main themes. Among them are:

    The centrality of the cross in God’s plan, and our accepting it as the pattern of our lives.
  • The marvelous exchange Jesus made by lowering himself to become a man so that he could elevate us to living a share in his divine life.
  • The power unleashed in our lives by doing everything for love of God and neighbor.
  • The service of others, especially the poor, by personal care and generous giving.

Each selection offers a short prayer starter.

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“Bert Ghezzi combines a wonderfully engaging style with real spiritual substance that feeds the soul.”

— Archbishop Charles Chaput


Getting Free: How to Overcome Persistent Personal Problems

(Sophia Institute Press, 2001)

Simple willpower isn’t enough when you’re struggling against anger, anxiety, addictions, sexual temptations, and other common problems. Bert Ghezzi, author of this engaging and practical guide, insists that the power of the Holy Spirit and only that power is strong enough to overcome these deeply rooted and disheartening difficulties. Best of all, he shows how you can tap into the Spirit’s power now.

Ghezzi, the author of many popular Catholic books (including Voices of the Saints), helps you see exactly what you’re up against in dealing with these problems. He details how you can and must be vigilant against temptations, and points the way for you to experience real freedom from evil influences.

His advice, which is firmly rooted in the wisdom of the saints, helps you gain the Spirit’s power both in your individual spiritual life and in your relationships. You’ll learn how to trust Jesus more and to control your thoughts as well as how to let go of grudges and how to place your dealings with others on a firm Christian footing.

Ghezzi’s forthright, Holy Spirit-centered approach gives you trustworthy, tested ways to gain the freedom that only God can give.

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“Bert Ghezzi answers the questions we all have about how and why we should pray via his own lifelong prayer journey.”

— Amy Welborn


The Power of Daily Mass: How Frequent Participation in the Eucharist Can Transform Your Life

(Ave Maria Press, 2015)

Bestselling author, speaker, editor, and media personality Bert Ghezzi has been a leading figure in American Catholic life for more than forty years. In The Power of Daily Mass, he reveals how the Eucharist is the center of his daily life and calls him to witness the Real Presence of Christ to others in his work and relationships. Ghezzi shows how frequent participation in the Mass offers participants courage and hope to face everyday challenges, provides direction and encouragement through the scriptures, allows time to reflect and talk to the Lord, and is an opportunity to intercede for family and friends.

Using quotations from saints and testimonies from fellow daily Mass attendees, Ghezzi encourages Catholics to grow closer to Jesus and receive Christ’s power for daily Christian living through the Eucharist. Ghezzi highlights how more frequent participation in weekday Mass is a wonderful way to grow in love for the Lord and receive the guidance for living that can only come from scripture and the Eucharist.

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The Power of Daily Mass


“Bert Ghezzi is a spiritual sage known internationally for his straight talk and practical wisdom about Christian living.”

— Paul Thigpen


Prayers to the Holy Spirit: Power and Light for Your Life

(Word Among Us Press, 2014)

How can the Holy Spirit bring power and light to your life? This pocket-sized book features seventy-five reflections that will expand your knowledge of the Holy Spirit and encourage you to pray specifically—and expectantly—for the gifts he bestows.

For each reflection, popular author and speaker Bert Ghezzi begins with a brief Scripture passage and then highlights one or more ways that the Spirit works in us, using examples from the Bible, Church Fathers, and the lives of the saints and contemporary Catholics. Then he prays a blessing for you to receive this gift and offers a “prayer starter” that leads you to ask the Holy Spirit for that grace.

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Prayers to the Holy Spirit-Soon


“Bert Ghezzi brings the tradition home to this generation.”

Scott Hahn


The Heart of Catholicism: Practicing the Everyday Habits That Shape Us

(Ave Maria Press, 2014)

With great warmth and authenticity, Bert Ghezzi shows how foundational habits such as praying, studying scripture, serving others, celebrating sacraments, and learning from the saints remind us who we are as followers of Christ.

Ghezzi uses stories from his own life to show how Catholicism is contagious, spreading from person to person because of the things Catholics do that are distinctively Catholic. Essential practices such as praying daily, celebrating the sacraments, reading and applying scripture, honoring the saints, confessing and overcoming sin, participating in parish life, caring for the poor, and evangelizing are treated in seventeen brief and inspiring chapters.

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The Heart of Catholicism-Soon


“A wonderful book for newcomers and a great refresher for Catholics.”

— Archbishop Joseph Kurtz


Voices of the Saints: A 365-Day Journey with Our Spiritual Companions

(Loyola Press, 2009)

Catholics around the world rely on the Catholic saints for guidance and inspiration…so it’s important that the saints and their stories be easy to find. Voices of the Saints by Bert Ghezzi provides readers with many convenient ways to look up 365 Catholic saints: chronologically, alphabetically, by feast day, even by theme. The saint’s patronage is also listed when available, as is the date of beatification or canonization.

While the reference possibilities are abundant, the inspiring stories of these saints are still the primary focus of the book, and each entry is written in such a way as to help us feel the companionship of the saint. The voice of each saint comes through clearly in quotations drawn from their own writings, the recollection of witnesses, and the careful work of biographers.

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The Voices of the Saints


“If you are a ‘saint watcher’ this is the book for you.”

— Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR


The Power of Daily Prayer: The Way to Experience God’s Love

(Word Among Us Press, 2013)

Daily prayer is the “hard drive that makes our Christian life work, the engine that drives our spiritual growth.” In this book, popular Catholic writer and speaker Bert Ghezzi encourages us to open ourselves to the gift of prayer so that we can be transformed from the inside out. In practical ways, he shows, by example, how to come into God’s presence, how to listen to his word, how to pray in the Spirit, how to pray with Scripture, and how to intercede for others. Each chapter ends with helpful questions for reflection as well as actions we can take to strengthen our commitment to daily prayer.

“When Bert Ghezzi writes about Catholic matters, they seem self-evident. He brings lofty truths down to earth.
— Scott Hahn, author of The Lamb’s Supper and Rome Sweet Home


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The Power of Daily Prayer


“This engaging book is rooted in sacred Scripture and our Catholic tradition, and should serve as an inspiration to many people who strive to enrich their prayer life.”

— Cardinal Donald Wuerl


The Saint’s Devotional Bible

(Our Sunday Visitor, 2012)

Since the early days of the church, believers have looked to the saints as examples and guides to living holy lives pleasing to God. Now the saints help illuminate Holy Scripture in The Saints Devotional Bible, NABRE version.

In this incredible resource you will find:

  • The accuracy of the new NABRE translation
  • Over 200 readings from the saints, including their own reflections, prayers, letters, and more
  • The saints’ reflections broaden appreciation and understanding of old testament and new testament texts
  • A twenty-part lesson on studying, praying, and living the Scriptures, with longer selections from the writings of the saints
  • An easy-to-search list of themes that allow you to study topics of interest to you
  • A calendar of saints and a list of patron saints
  • Mini-biographies of all the saints whose selections are quoted

The Saints Devotional Bible is an excellent devotional aid for anyone who wants to study Sacred Scripture as well as be encouraged and enlightened by the wisdom of our brothers and sisters, the saints, who intercede for us every day!

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The Saints Devotional Bible


“Bert Ghezzi combines a wonderfully engaging style with real spiritual substance that feeds the soul.”

— Archbishop Charles Chaput


Discover Christ: Developing a Personal Relationship with Jesus

(Our Sunday Visitor, 2011)

Many people live unhappy lives because they have no sense of purpose. And Catholics who could reveal life’s meaning to them need a book to put in their hands. Discover Christ meets both of these significant needs.

When asked about the purpose of life, most people seem surprised at the question. They often give answers ranging from I don’t know to I guess I just want to be happy. With a series of chapters based on carefully crafted questions, Discover Christ leads readers to confront the crucial question of life’s meaning and leads them to embrace the answer found in the New Testament and the Christian community.

Readers will discover their purpose in the person of Jesus, who will reveal to them the Father who created them to enjoy the fullness of life. They will see how He will heal them of things that make them miserable; connect them in a loving relationship with Him and millions of others; and show them how to live a joyous and productive life. Testimonies throughout the book add authenticity and interest to the teaching.

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Discover Christ


“Bert Ghezzi is a master at his craft and an obvious student of the classroom of silence.”

— Matthew Kelly


Living the Sacraments: Grace into Action

(St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2011)

We Catholics simply don’t expect enough of the sacraments. Sometimes I think they must be the most underutilized power sources on the planet.

The sacraments lie dormant for many because we don’t understand them and don’t know how to tap into their supernatural energy. Living the Sacraments weaves together Scripture, the writings of the saints, and personal stories to help us understand these seven gifts of the Church and experience their practical and spiritual rewards.

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Living the Sacraments


“Bert has done it again with Living the Sacraments. When read with attention and put into practice, this book could change your life.”

— Ralph Martin


Saints at Heart: How Fault-Filled, Problem-Prone, Imperfect People Like Us Can Be Holy

(Loyola Press, 2011)

“You’re no saint!” is a familiar phrase, and one that nearly all of us probably believe accurately reflects our own hearts and lives. We assume that sanctity is reserved for an elite group of people who follow spiritual disciplines so difficult and impractical that no ordinary person could ever perform them. But best-selling author Bert Ghezzi believes every one of us can be holy, and he shows us how in Saints at Heart.

By pointing out that all the saints—even the apostles—were sinners, he helps us understand how holiness is not about being perfect, but rather about making a heartfelt decision to fall in love with God and put God first.

Each of the 10 saints featured in this book illustrates a specific spiritual practice that can help us draw closer to God. St. Francis models lifelong conversion; Dorothy Day, prayer and the study of Scripture; and Pope John Paul II, evangelization. Every chapter ends with a section titled “Think, Pray, and Act,” which contains questions for reflection and application.

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Saints at Heart


“With his readable style and practical advice, Bert Ghezzi brings us a down-to-earth guide.”

— Steve Ray


The Sign of the Cross: Recovering the Power of the Ancient Prayer

(Loyola Press, 2006)

Christians worldwide have been blessing themselves with the sign of the cross for centuries. But few who use this simple, familiar gesture know its impact as a powerful prayer. Author Bert Ghezzi shows how this potent prayer engages the Holy Spirit and affirms Christian identity. With insights derived from Scripture, church teachings, and personal experience, Ghezzi encourages people to utilize this powerful sign in their daily life.

Drawing on the fascinating history of the sign of the cross, Ghezzi reveals six dynamic truths of the spiritual life that God gives. The Sign of the Cross brings forth an opening to God, renewal of baptism, mark of discipleship, acceptance of suffering, defense agains the devil, and victory over self-indulgence. This inspirational book brings to life the blessings of this ancient prayer and guides Christians to a renewed experience of God.

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The Sign of the Cross


“Not one of us presently writing about religion in this country is better equipped by experience, skill, and devotion to write about prayer than Bert Ghezzi.”

— Phyllis Tickle


Everyday Encounters with God: What Our Experiences Teach Us About the Divine

(Word Among Us Press, 2008)

Who is God, and how do we know what he’s like? In thirty short chapters that cover a wide range of subjects, best-selling authors Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Bert Ghezzi alert us to the manyfaceted ways we can learn about God through the daily circumstances of our lives. The face of God is unveiled by Groeschel and Ghezzi in engaging stories about forgiveness, kindness, conversion, and family, taken from personal experience, Scripture, literature, and the lives of ordinary people.

In this unique book, the authors open our eyes to the Lord’s attributes — his love, his providence, his generosity, his justice, his creativity, his preoccupation with beauty, and more—by discovering them in places as varied as the vastness of the heavens, the intricacies of our bodies, the genius of artists, and the love and care of our parents. Questions for personal reflection and group discussion will help readers to look for God themselves each day, as they learn to see him in fresh, new ways.

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Everyday Encounters with God


“Bert Ghezzi answers the questions we all have about how and why we should pray via his own lifelong prayer journey.”

— Amy Welborn


Mystics and Miracles: True Stories of Lives Touched by God

(Loyola Press, 2004)

Mystics and Miracles by Bert Ghezzi explores the lives and saintly miracles of twenty-four ordinary people chosen by God to do his extraordinary work. From visions and healing to prophecies and miracles, these mystics provide a direct connection between the human and the divine.

Ghezzi’s easy-to-understand writing style makes this collection of biographies ideal for anyone who wants to better understand the saints and the miracles they performed.

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Mystics and Miracles


“Bert Ghezzi has rescued mysticism from the myth of trendy spiritualities. If your prayer leaves you longing for more of God, read this book, slowly.”

— Mike Aquilina