Raising Kids for God—“Don Bosco Style”

Although a priest and never married, St. John Bosco (1815–1888) was a naturally gifted parent. For nearly a half-century of ministry in Turin, Italy, Don Bosco was a wonderful dad to hundreds of homeless boys. (“Don” is the Italian term of address for a priest). Today family-life professionals still regard him as an exemplar […]

Filling Up Your Catholic Gaps

Your seven-year-old comes home from religion class with a question: “Dad, how does Jesus get into that little piece of bread?” Or maybe another conversation stopper, like, “Tell me, Mom, how can God be three and one at the same time?”

You don’t know the answer. Don’t panic, you tell yourself. You may find safety […]

Making the Church Come Alive for Kids

Feeling that they “don’t belong” is one of the main reasons kids leave the church. They say “they don’t get anything out of it.” The church does not seem to suit their more lively and attractive involvements—people, relationships, doing things with friends—so they are not interested in it.

Many kids feel that way partly because […]