For the past decade I have attended daily Mass at my parish. I gather at 7 a.m. with a community of men and women who have become my close friends. When I decided to write this book I asked many of them to tell me about the effect daily Mass has had on their lives. They reported a variety of benefits. For example:

“Daily Mass

  • gives me courage and hope to face daily challenges and problems;
  • lets me participate in the greatest of miracles—the Eucharistic presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;
  • makes me aware of how much God loves me;
  • gets me realigned to God’s plan for my life;
  • allows me to feel free to talk to the Lord;
  • gives me an opportunity to intercede for family and friends.”

Once I asked Joey Martineck, a young visitor to our 7 a.m. liturgy, why he came to Mass. He said, “Because I love Jesus.” His heartfelt response undergirds all the other beneficial effects my friends reported.

I experience many of the same benefits. I especially take away a word from the readings, which encourages me or gives me direction. But the highlight for me is receiving the Lord’s Body and Blood in Communion. That the Lord who fashioned the universe of 300 billion trillion stars comes to me fills me with awe.

Worshiping at daily Mass offers you all these benefits and more. I wrote my new book, The Power of Daily Mass, to describe them and how to receive them. Each chapter presents an aspect of our participation in the Lord’s eternal sacrifice. And each chapter gives you a chance to reflect on the graces we receive as we celebrate the representation of the death and Resurrection of Jesus. As you read this book you will review with me the way daily Mass forgives little sins; allows you to hear God speaking to you in Scripture; gives you the opportunity both to offer yourself to God and also to offer Christ’s sacrifice with him; to get spiritual nourishment from eating Christ’s Body and drinking his Blood; and to receive strength for your day’s activities and challenges.

The Power of Daily Mass is a book for all Catholics. Those who already attend daily Mass will find that it inspires them by broadening their understanding and reinforcing their experience. It will encourage those who attend once in a while to get to daily Mass more regularly. And I hope the book persuades many others to consider building Mass into their daily routine.


The Power of Daily Mass